A nursery rocking chair is one important piece of furniture that you must-have for your baby’s room. It can be used to soothe fussy babies and relax parents. Nursery rockers are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. With so many choices, it’s hard to know which one is the best for you and your baby.

If you are interested in trendy nursery ideas, consider buying curved furniture. They are the latest trend and can be found almost everywhere from luxury to budget-friendly retailers. They are not just beautiful and calming, they are also baby-friendly.

The two most common types of nursery chairs are the rocker and the glider. Rockers have legs that rock back and forth, while gliders glide smoothly back and forth. The biggest differences between these two types of chairs are the motion and price.

In general, Gliders have a smoother ride and are designed not to trap your toes or baby fingers underneath as a rocker can. While rockers are less expensive than gliders. In this blog, I will go over some tips to help you choose the best nursery chair for your family.

Types of Nursery Chairs

There are many different styles of nursery chairs but there are four main types. Each type of chair has its own unique set of features and benefits that make it ideal for different situations.

Gliding Nursery Chair  

This type of chair is similar to a reclining chair but instead of reclining back, it glides smoothly back and forth. This type of chair is perfect for when your baby is fussy or needs to be rocked to sleep. Some of the best nursery gliders also feature a recline function. The downside to this type of chair is that it can be more expensive than other types of nursery chairs. 

Rocking Nursery Chair

This type of chair is perfect for when your baby is fussy or needs to be rocked to sleep. Rocking chairs have legs that rock back and forth, giving you a balanced motion to help soothe your baby. The downside to this type of chair is that it can be more difficult to get in and out of than other types of chairs because they usually do not have a locking mechanism.

Classic Nursery Lounging Chair

They have a simple and elegant design that has been around for centuries. This type of chair is usually made from wood and leather and has a very classic look. The downside to this type of chair is that it is not as comfortable as some of the other types of chairs on the market.

Reclining Nursery Chair

As the name suggests, this type of chair can recline back, making it perfect for when your baby falls asleep. These chairs are usually made from fabric and have padded arms to make them extra comfortable. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Nursery Rocking Chair or Glider?

When choosing a Nursery Rocking Chair, you will want to take into account the following factors: 


When it comes to the size of your nursery chair you have to consider how the chair will fit in the nursery space but also how you would fit on the chair.

  • In the room: Make sure you take into consideration the motion of your nursery chair. You want to have enough room around so you will not hit the wall when rocking back and forth. Also, gliders tend to be bigger and take up more space than rocking chairs. If you have a small baby nursery, then a rocker would be your best choice.

  • For you: The nursery rocking chair must be comfortable in size for you as well. Whether you are sitting on it to breastfeed your baby or soothing him/her, you will enjoy having some extra room to sit comfortably. Remember you will spend many hours sitting on it, mainly the first few months of your baby’s life. Consider bringing your nursing pillow with you when shopping for a good rocking chair. It will allow you to test the chair and mimic nursing positions that are comfortable to you. Make sure the chair arms are the right height for you and the seat is not too narrow.

Locking Mechanism

This is a must-have when looking for the best nursery chair. This is a common feature in nursery gliders but it is only found in some rockers. It prevents the chair from moving when you don’t want it to. This comes in handy when trying to get up or sitting on a chair.

It is also great for when your baby starts crawling and walking around the room. At this point, it turns into a safety feature for me. The rocking chair or glider will stay still even if your baby is trying to climb it or just playing around it. It will protect your baby from getting his limbs caught on the chair mechanism.


Look for nursery gliders and rocking chairs that are pleasant to sit in for lengthy periods of time. Look for cushioned arms and a back high enough to support your head, as well as a seat cushion supported by dense foam or springs. If you like lumbar support when seating, look for a model that comes with a pillow.

On the other hand, make sure you don’t sink too much when sitting down. This not only can be uncomfortable, but it will also make it difficult for you to get up after your baby is asleep. In my experience, it could be an indication of a poor quality cushion and pretty soon it may stay flat.


Don’t overlook the material of your rocking chair.  You may want to consider a chair that is made of easy-to-clean materials like microfiber or leather. If you are considering a different fabric to get a more soft feel, make sure it is removable for easy cleaning. You will be spending many hours sitting on your rocking chair with your baby, so it is almost impossible to avoid messy accidents (spit-up and spills). Avoid all whites if you can, dark colors can hide stains allowing your nursery chair to look new even after a year of use.


Some good nursery rocking chairs and gliders come with storage pockets. This is a great feature that will allow you to reach for items without having to get up. Kleenex, burp cloths, baby wipes, nipple cream, and your phone are some of the things you may want to store in your chair pockets.

If your nursery glider has no storage pocket, consider buying a storage ottoman. It will solve your storage problem and also allow you to rest your feet while gliding or breastfeeding your baby.

Weight capacity

Always check the weight capacity of the nursery chair you are thinking of buying. Most of them have a weight capacity of around 250 lbs. But if you are on the heavier side, it may be challenging to find one that suits your needs.


Choose a nursery rocking chair that fits your budget and needs. They can range in price from fairly inexpensive to quite expensive. Make sure you know how much you want to spend before starting your search so you don’t get caught up buying a chair that will take most of your nursery budget.

Well Built

When buying a nursery glider or rocking chair, be certain it’ll last a long time. Check out customers’ reviews, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty to find out how long it lasts and what it covers. If you are planning to have a big family, consider getting a chair that will last many years and still look good. This will save you money in the long run by using the chair for all your children.

Extra Features

Many nursery gliders and rocking chairs come with added features intended for your convenience, so consider how you’ll use the chair and what nice-to-haves you’ll want. Some gliders come with a 360-degree swivel function that allows you to rotate the chair in different directions while others can recline and have an attached footrest that pops up. In addition, some modern nursery chairs come with a USB port to allow you to charge a phone while using the chair.

It is important to find a comfortable nursery rocking chair for you and your baby but make sure you NEVER sleep on it while holding your baby. This is a safety concern that can put your baby’s life at risk.

Following these tips, you’re sure to find the perfect nursery rocking chair for your home!


What is a Nursery Rocking Chair?

A Nursery Rocking Chair is a chair designed for use in a nursery. It is usually upholstered and has cushions and a backrest to support the sitter. Nursery rocking chairs are often used to soothe fussy babies and help them fall asleep.

Is a Rocking Chair Worth it for Nursery?

Rocking chairs are definitely worth it for nurseries! They provide a comfortable place for parents to sit and rock their babies to sleep. Nursery rocking chairs can also help relax parents and provide them with a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What Type of Chair is Best for Nursery?

The best type of chair for a nursery is one that is comfortable, easy to clean, fits properly the size of your baby nursery, has a locking mechanism, is within your budget, and has a storage pocket to keep items within reach.

What Age Are Rocking Chairs for?

Most rocking chairs are designed for use by adults, but some models are specifically designed for children. These chairs usually have a lower back and shorter legs to make them more comfortable for kids to sit in.

Is a Rocking Chair Good for You?

Rocking chairs provide many health benefits for both adults and children. Rocking chairs can help reduce stress, improve circulation, and ease back pain. Additionally, rocking chairs can help lull fussy babies to sleep. Using a rocking chair improves blood circulation throughout the body, allowing more oxygen to reach the joints and reducing pain. Rocking also helps to strengthen and loosen the knees by stimulating them slightly.

Is Rocking Better Than Sitting?

Rocking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can help to improve circulation and ease back pain. Additionally, rocking can help to lull fussy babies to sleep. Rocking chairs are also good for people who have difficulty falling asleep as the rocking motion can help to relax the body and mind.

Is Rocking Chair Good for Baby?

Rocking chairs are often used to soothe fussy babies and help them fall asleep. The rocking motion can help to relax the body and mind, making it easier for babies to drift off to sleep. Additionally, the rocking motion can help to stimulate the digestive system, which can aid in relieving gas and colic pain.

Is a Glider Better Than a Rocker?

A glider is not better than a Rocker and vice versa. Choosing the best one for you comes down to what you like, the size and decor style of your baby’s nursery. 

Rockers are usually less expensive than gliders. They have curved legs and rock back and forth. On the other hand, they have a smooth gliding motion and some of the best nursery gliders can move in all directions (swivel glider). Gliders are a better choice if you have hardwood floors, they will not mark your floors. 

Also, it is not easy to find a rocker that comes with a locking mechanism to lock the chair when you need to. This important feature can be overlooked but it is very important. It is very difficult to get up or sit down in a moving chair while holding a baby.


Nursery rocking chairs are a classic piece of furniture that can offer both parents and babies a sense of comfort and relaxation. So make sure the chair is comfortable for both parents and babies.

It has a smooth surface that is easy to clean, and it should be the right size for the Nursery. Look for a chair that is sturdy and well-made. It should have a solid base that will not tip over, and it should be made from high-quality materials.

Consider how the chair reflects the Nursery’s overall decor. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect nursery rocking chair can be a challenge. However, by keeping these important factors in mind, parents can be sure to find a chair that will provide years of comfort and enjoyment for both them and their babies.

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