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Are you looking for a way to make your patients or clients more self-sustainable? TeXtR was designed specifically to help you “The Helper” transform the unconscious codependent relationships your patients/clients may have with you, into interdependent healthy relationships.

Professionals who truly care about helping others physically, mentally and/or emotionally, usually struggle to scale their time. As we all know, mobile technology helps work-time to easily crawl into our life-time which can quickly lead to burnout.  

Now more than ever before, it is critical to have processes and procedures in place that create boundaries to help safeguard our time outside of work. The time we require for our wellness needs: interactions with family and friends, our health, spiritual pursuits, sleep, nutrition, etc. Helping “The Helper” is exactly what drives and motivates the TeXtR team.

TeXtR creates an environment where patients and clients can become active participants in their health, healing, and/or growth; now and in the future interdependently of your constant physical involvement as a helper. TeXtR objective is to create neural connectivity in their brains that self sustains them when they are not with you.

How TeXtR Helps The Helper

Did you know that 92% of people who set New Year’s resolutions never actually achieve them? According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, only 8% of those who set goals fulfill them.

The vast majority of people need frequent assistance and repeated follow-ups to accomplish their growth or health goals which will require a considerable amount of hours in direct contact with their Helpers. Many professionals feel burnout by the time they start seeing improvement on their patients or client’s behavior. A burnt out Helper is no good to anyone. 

TeXtR is a web based software that offers a compelling solution to considerably improve patients and clients engagement by creating neural connections that will remain activated even when the helper is not physically present. This will considerably increase the time you, the Helper, will have available to help others and/or to dedicate to your wellness.

TeXtR helps patients and clients to build the neural connection needed for them to become self-sustainable. This is achieved by involving their circadian rhythm and the ability for them to anticipate wanting to do the right thing and to get a reward. It’s a kind of simplicity that connects complex technology with neurology while also educating and equipping people at the same time.

The software was designed to build a beneficial foundation rather than viewing things from a deficiency perspective. It provides the optimal balance between push-and-pull incentives. The push of a negative past and the pull of a promising and desirable future.

TeXtR ethically persuades the unconscious human brain to secrete serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. Over time, it will help their brains to connect paths that will make something matter that did not matter before. TeXtR will help them to rearrange their priorities. These new things that matter will take them where they want to be and make them self sustainable. 

“TeXtR exists to help “The Helpers”, not only to increase their client’s self-sustainability and interdependence to increase their financial ability to do anything but their mental freedom to do nothing” Caleb West

Benefits of TeXtR 

We all agree that TIME is the most valuable thing we all have. TeXtR focuses on optimizing the time professionals spend helping others. So they can have more free time to help other patients/clients and for themselves which will translate into more money and free time for the helper to do other things he/she also enjoys.

TeXtR was also created to help patients and clients by making them self-sufficient and allowing them to take control of their health or growth. It allows them to create their own reality and take control of their lives. 

In a world where so many things are out of our control, being self-sufficient can be empowering. When we rely on ourselves, we are less likely to take advantage of the kindness or generosity of others. 

Benefits to Professionals 

  • More profit by optimizing time and eliminating patients/clients codependency which translate into more financial certainty.
  • Income generation from outpatient programs.
  • An exceptionally fast and easy way to get to know your patient’s story or your client’s progress well and extremely accurately.
  • More joy, freedom & gains towards the optimum lifestyle  for your team.
  • Increased morale and decreased stress on your team by allowing them to know exactly what to do with each patient/client given their score cards or recorded progress. 
  • Invest money to free up your time and energy which allows you to focus on increasing your ROI (Return On Investment) in all areas. 
  • Detailed and timestamped patient/client successes.
  • Better documented progress reports for benefit providers, insurance companies & employers. 
  • Simple and scalable reactivation of past clients/clients.
  • Increased productivity & efficiency for scheduling.
  • Powerful referrals due to social proof and cause alignment with other enthusiastic supporters of your patients/client formal organization (charities) of their preference. 

Benefits to Patients & Clients

  • A powerful self discovery and subscription tool for patients that invites them to become an active participant in their healing journey today and in their future.
  • More joy, freedom & gains towards the optimum lifestyle  for patients
  • Genuine lifestyle change through mutual accountability. 
  • Increased patient/client self sustainability & decreased codependency.

TeXtR gives you, your team and your patients/clients an objective measure of progress, commitment and the encouragement they need to heal and stay engaged with their health or growth.

Decrease insurance claims to providers by educating patients and encouraging continuous preventive work.

Overall, TeXtR is a win-win for everyone involved. As a result, professionals can help more people in less time and patients/clients can lead a more fulfilling life.

Incentive Program

TeXtR has an incentive program that allows patients/clients who achieve 75% engagement or higher to give five months of free TeXtR subscription to a formal organization of their preference. 

The neural system is always looking for certainty, connections and significance. It is an incentive to help others as a result of achieving your own health or growth goals. Who doesn’t want that? It feels great to help others but even better when there is a success story of our own making it possible.

Are You the Right Fit for TeXtR

TeXtR was created for a very special group of professionals who truly care about helping others physically, mentally and/or emotionally.It is for those who want to see others to live a more fulfilling life.  

If you are a Helper who wants mutual accountability with your patient or clients TeXtR is the right tool for you. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, TeXtR can be customized to meet your needs and specifications. 

Who is Behind TeXtR

TeXtR was created by a skillful and passionate team of neuroscientists, research students, chiropractors, surgeons and social workers, led by Caleb West (CEO), Elizer Gruen (CTO) and Sam Ginzberg (COO). It was designed to outlive, outlast and outperform what any single person can do in the service of others; and it can be scaled and adapted to almost any industry.

Founding Team

The professionals working behind the scenes are professionals who honestly care about helping others. It is a diverse group of Helpers who are continuously researching and gathering information to improve TeXtR and provide real value to its users. 

The views of the neuro system of the TeXtR team is highly influenced by Dr. Stephen Porges and Dr. Daniel Kahneman. If you enjoy their perspective, you will see the value of the TeXtR software to you and to those who trust you to help them with their lives.

On the backend, the tech team is as dedicated to the project as the advisory board is on the front end. The goal is for them to obtain more knowledge and align themselves with individuals who share their vision and can contribute to those they are privileged to serve.

How to use TeXtR

TeXtR is a web based software, no App necessary. It is a very easy to implement system that requires no downloads or intense training. 

TeXtR Add Client

The Helper interface is user friendly and entirely web based. At first, the standardized questions based on symptomatology will need to be manually entered by the Helper or preferably someone else on his/her team. You also have the option to send a file with your standard questions to the TeXtR team and they will enter them for you. 

TeXtR Add Question

Once the standard questions are into the system, you will not have to enter them again. After a five weeks period you may want to tweak them based on your patient/client particular progress. For example, patients with the same symptomatology will receive the same group of questions so after a while the system will run with very little need of your team or your time.

Preset responses are also needed to be entered into the system per each question sent to a patient/client. While many of the questions will usually have just a “Yes or No” response, it is important for the Helper to end the conversation with a positive remark, to keep encouraging progress, in disregard of the client/patient’s answer. This way the Helper can keep incentivizing actual behavioral changes without the need of his/her physical presence. 

TeXtR is meant to feel like a collaborative two way live support system. It is patient data that has been subjectively entered based on how they feel and the questions that you program as the helper. The questions are not to explain things to them. They are to create an environment where they can critically think and they can make the unconscious conscious.  So it is paramount to have very good calibrated questions that are going to make them think and take action.

Consider requesting a free trial to get familiar with the software before subscribing. 

The patient or client will interact with TeXtR via text. So no App, passwords, training or downloads necessary on their end. They will stay engaged by continuous follow ups through their entire journey. 

TeXtR Client Interface

They will be allowed a maximum of 300 characters to compose their response back to the helper. It is important to be direct and precise when answering the follow up questions. 

Questions can be sent to the patient/client at a minimum interval of 2 hours but the Helper has the control to increase time between questions as he/she sees fit, depending on their patient/client characteristics and symptomology. If they take too long to answer a question they will miss the chance and will have to continue with the next one.

The time at which the questions are sent is decided between the helper and the person receiving them. Consider sending them when they are more likely to respond and avoid inconvenient times, like a meal time or bedtime. Although the patient/client can request time changes as per her convenience.  

At the end of the day, TeXtR is a collaborative care plan that is not prescriptive. This is not a way for the Helper to tell the patient or client what to do. The objective is to help them to change their circadian rhythm through neurological consistency which should lead to neurological trust and certainty.

Once this is in motion, the patient’s unconscious brain will begin to predict and anticipate certain things that are coming in. They want to do the right thing and feel good when later reviewed with you.

Customer Data Privacy 

In recent years, customer data privacy has become a hot-button issue. Companies that collect and store customer data are increasingly being held accountable for how they use and protect that data. 

As a result, many companies are taking steps to ensure that customer data is kept secure. One way to do this is to avoid saving personal information like name and contact information on customer databases. 

TeXtR are also taking the extra steps to safeguard their customer privacy. All the information collected is encrypted and saved on NeuroTeXh, their own database. Moreover they only focus on symptomatology, age, weight, height, behavior data, etc. 

TeXtR does not save any customer personal information. This approach protects customer privacy while still allowing businesses to collect the data they need to provide better customer service.

To Be Improved

Like most new products, TeXtR also need some improvement:

  • At the moment, TeXtR is only available for the healthcare industry. Although the tech team is working hard to soon incorporate most industries overtime. If you are interested in the software, I recommend you get in contact with the TeXtR team. They are very flexible and may be able to accommodate the software to meet your needs.
  • The charting functionality needs more work but the potential is there for TeXtR to become one of the most valuable tools for professionals who dedicate their life to help others.
  • TeXtR home page also needs some polishing to improve the access to the different elements of the site’s functionality.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk to Caleb West, CEO and founder of TeXtR, and he assured me that his team is very dedicated and these issues will soon be part of the past. 

Free Trial

If you are interested in TeXtR or just out of curiosity want to give it a try, I recommend you request their free trial. There is nothing I could say that will match the advantage of trying a software by yourself. It is free so you have nothing to lose and much to win. 

If you feel you are not ready or not sure if you are the right fit for TeXtR, then reach out to them and they will help you to figure things out.  


Is TeXtR available in the US?

TeXtR software is available to the United States and Canada starting August 2022. The team vision is to soon make it available to countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand & Australia first. Then continue to Germany, the Middle East and Spanish nations.

Can TeXtR Help Coaches?

Yes, TeXtR could be a valuable tool for coaches who truly care about their client’s success. It is simple, easy, actionable, goal oriented and extremely easy to implement. A great way to scale your time while helping your client get further faster.

Coaches in general are ranked by their client success, after the relationship with the client has moved to the next stage where the client gains full independence after having a coach in their life full time for a while. TeXtR helps to monitor your client’s progress and success, to make sure they are reaching their goals on time without the constant need of your physical presence.

TeXtR can help coaches to have self-sustainable client results. It allows coaches to input questions, road map, strategy etc. for their clients. This creates an environment where the client feels seen and heard. It also helps the coach to provide excellent post-purchase customer success support. 

TeXtR can help coaches to guide clients into the right direction and habits, and to track their patterns. This way the coach can have accessible and organized previous data to project future success. It is also a great tool to engage your clients to become active participants in their growth after they leave your presence by eliminating codependency. 

Codependency is unsustainable and detrimental to yourself and those around you and the very people you’re responsible to help. If you desire to be better and let your client be the “hero” of their own story, TeXtR can help you to accomplish that goal.

What is NeuroTeXh?

NeuroTeXh is the database for TeXtR. It can be accessible by any person with an account (The Helper). Personal information is kept to a bare minimum to avoid that a hacker can track it back to the patient/client.

Example of the data stored on NeuroTeXh are: health condition, age range, health performance markers, sex, weight, height, etc. The objective is to have this information easily accessible to doctors. This will allow them to use previous data to predict future outcomes at a global scale. 

Can TeXtR be Applied to All Industries?

As of August 2022, TeXtR is only available for the healthcare industry. Although the tech team is working hard to soon incorporate most industries overtime. If you are interested in the software I recommend you get in contact with the TeXtR team. They are very flexible and may be able to accommodate the software to your needs.


It is well known that many people have the habit of doing more for others than for themselves. It feels great but we usually tend to neglect our own self and health in the process. Unfortunately this is something that is way too familiar to professionals who work helping others. 

The TeXtR team found an innovative way to combine neurology, technology and psychology to help individuals become self-sustainable and less codependent of their Helper. This is achieved by keeping the patient/client engaged with automatic and predetermined follow up questions that are sent periodically via text. 

A win-win for all, TeXtR saves considerable time and money for the Helper and improves clients’ confidence and quality of life. I believe it has the potential to change the way that Helpers like practitioners, coaches and chiropractors become active participants in their patients/clients health journey and growth. 

TeXtR has the goal of being available to all industries and countries with time. The team strongly believes that not one size fits all and are keeping their focus on consistency and adaptability. The software can be customized to meet individual practices and/or the user’s needs. 

Do not miss out! Take advantage of all the benefits TeXtR has to offer. 

Reach out to Caleb West or request a free trial

“Treat Yourself Like Someone You Are Responsible for Helping” Jordan Peterson