Inspiring Nursery Ideas Dominating 2022

Are you missing out on the latest baby nursery ideas? Is your nesting instinct kicking in and all you can think about is creating a safe and beautiful space for your baby? Do not panic, I have you covered. Preparing your baby nursery is one of the most exciting parts of getting ready for your new baby so let’s make it fun.

There are many options for baby’s room essentials and furniture whether you are preparing a nursery for a girl, a boy or going gender-neutral. In this blog, I am going over the latest nursery design trends for 2022, to help your inspiration.

In the past few years, parents to be, have become more aware of the harm of fumes and toxic chemicals in their baby’s environment. So your nursery décor is no longer only about looks, it is also about creating a safe place for your baby to sleep and play. For example, some nursery furniture can emit formaldehyde at levels linked with increased risk of childhood allergies and asthma, according to the Environment California Research & Policy Center.

Top Nursery Ideas Dominating 2022

1. Curved furniture

Yes, curved furniture is back. Since last year furniture manufactures have been introducing soft lines, arcs, and curves in most of their furniture. Today you can find them almost everywhere from luxury to budget friendly retailers. A rounded furniture is not just beautiful and calming, it is also baby friendly. Having furniture with sharp corners around your child will trigger fear and anxiety on any parent. Having a comfortable place to seat in your nursery will improve your nursing and/or pumping sessions. Some of the best breast pump in the market are wearable but other require you to be close to an electrical outlet while pumping. So keep that in mind when positioning your nursing chair.

Curved nursery furniture are trendy this year
Margot McGee’s Nursery Reveal – By Studio McGee

2. Cane

Furniture and light fixtures made with cane are making a comeback. These days, cane webbing can be integrated into almost any project as a design element and the baby nurseries are not escaping this trend. You can take advantage of its earth tones or paint them for a more unique look.

Furniture and light fixtures made with cane are making a comeback
Jute King Bassinet – By Valentine & Co Collections

3. Mini Cribs

Mini cribs have become a staple in houses where the nursery space is limited and at grandma’s house. Mini cribs occupy a very small footprint and most of them can be easily moved around the house as needed. They are super cute and as safe as a regular size crib. They are also great to be used during the first 6 months of the baby’s life, when room sharing is recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada, at the time when the risk of SIDS is the highest. Take advantage of my meticulous research to learn about the best mini cribs and the best mini mattresses in the market today.

Mini cribs have become a staple in houses where the nursery space is limited and at grandma's house
Co-Sleeping in the Cottage – By Tiny Canal Cottage

4. Natural Materials

In the past few years, the awareness of the effect that toxic chemicals and fumes have on our health has increased considerably, making natural materials a huge trend. Incorporating more organic and natural materials such as wood, stone and/or ceramics to your baby nursery is very important to create a safe environment for your baby and you.

 Natural materials create a healthy enviroment for your baby
Neutral Minimal Nursery Reveal – Grace Oaks Designs

5. Wallpaper

Wallpapers aren’t going away in 2022. With the new emerging technologies in this industry, wallpapers make creativity limitless. It is an easy way to turn your baby room alive with wild and fun patterns or just to create a calm space for the newborn. Wallpapers are mostly used to create an accent wall in the room but sometimes they can be seen covering most of the baby room or even the ceilings. Consider going after eco-friendly wallpaper.

Wallpapers make creativity limitless
Under the Willow Wall Paper Mural by Olive et Oriel

6. Bringing The Outside In

This year, we are more obsessed with nature and the outdoors than ever before. Adding a houseplant to the nursery can help to reduce stress and to increase oxygen levels, encouraging better sleep quality. The NASA & ALCA ‘clean air study’ shows that some plants can act as natural air filters to remove trace organic pollutants from the air indoors. For example, orchids, succulents, and bromeliads take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen even after you turn off the lights at night.

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Bringing The Outside In
Neutral Nursery Full of Plants By Fab Decals

7. Star Theme

Who doesn’t like stars? They are beautiful and beautiful things make babies happy. This year we are seeing more stars as part of the trendy nursery ideas. There are many different ways to add stars to the design of your baby’s nursery. Removable wall stickers, wallpaper, crib bedding, accent pillows, curtains, and above the crib mobiles are the most common places to find them.

Stars are beautiful and beautiful things make babies happy
Floating Clouds Mural By Dunelm UK

8. Nature Themes

Nature themes are on the rise in 2022. Parents-to-be are looking into nature for nursery inspiration. An easy way to achieve this trend is to incorporate nature-inspired prints and earth tones to your baby’s room. When choosing the nursery furniture go after natural wood finishes to create a more natural and inviting environment.

Nature themes are on the rise this year
Under The Sea Wallpaper by Munks and Me

9. Rich Colors

Having some rich colors in the room is also trendy. When used properly, they can be beautiful but make sure you don’t over do it. I prefer to use them as an accent color in the nursery decor. Keep in mind that rich colors like red, orange and yellow can make you feel happiness but also anger while light tones blues and greens are more soothing.

Rich colors like red, orange and yellow can make you feel happiness
Remy’s nursery By Hunter Premo

10. Gender Neutral Nursery

Gender neutral nursery designs are very popular these days. It is a very practical way to design the nursery because it will work very well if the room is shared with a sibling as well as for future babies, despite their gender. And most importantly, it will also allow your child to develop their own personality and style.

 Gender neutral nursery will allow your child to develop their own personality and style.
Cottontail Cuddle Blanket By Oilo Studio

11. Cottage Look

The cottage-look started to be popular last year and now is a common theme to see in houses around the cities. Nurseries with a cottage-look usually feature wainscoting, floral wallpaper prints, organic textures and woods, giving the space a traditional countryside style.

Cottage Look is trendy
Avery Wallpaper By Rocky Mountain Decals

12. Vintage

Vintage designs are popular in 2022, making vintage items’ prices go up. The vintage theme creates a feel of nostalgia by using items that have more meaning to us. For many of us, childhood was the happiest time of our lives. So adding things that remind us of those days will bring happiness to us and consequently to our baby.

Vintage designs are popular
Nursery Ideas By Nursery Design Studio

13. Textured Fabrics

The use of textured fabrics to decorate baby rooms has become a trend in 2022. They are a beautiful way to add volume and a personal touch to your living space. Sherpa made out of cotton, velvet and boucle creates a cozy space while still keeping the luxury look. It is also important to keep in mind that textures play a big role in the early years of a child. Touch and texture can help to develop your baby’s motor skills.

Textured fabrics are a beautiful way to add volume and a personal touch to your living space
Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas by The Everyday Home

14. Woodland Theme

The woodland theme isn’t going anywhere this year. For those who don’t know, the woodland theme includes the forest and the plants and animals that live within. Too cute to leave it out of our nursery decor. Moreover, the possibilities are endless when going with this theme for the nursery design.

Woodland theme includes the forest and the plants and animals that live within
Woodland Forest Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet By Lambs & Ivy

15. Mobile Over Baby Crib

Having a fun mobile over your baby’s crib is trendy again but this year moms to be are looking for original handmade options. It is not just a cute accent to the nursery design, it will also help to entertain your baby. Babies spend a lot of time laying on their back, having a baby friendly mobile over their crib can help to develop their focus and motor skills as well.

 Having a fun mobile over your baby’s crib is still a trend in 2022
Whale baby mobile By Wondery Handmade

Are you ready now?

I hope this list with the best nursery ideas for 2022 helped you to decide in which direction you want to go. As you can see there are many options and you can either go for a total new look for the nursery design or match the style of the rest of your home.

Remember what really matters is to create a safe environment for your baby and motherhood. Follow your instincts and have fun decorating, who knows you might come out with a new trend.

Author’s Note: Any loose items on the baby crib shown in the images above are for styling purposes only. Please keep in mind that when your baby is on the crib nothing else should be with him except a tight fitted sheet. Click on the following links to know about: Baby crib safety procedures, best mini cribs and best mini crib mattresses.

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