Who is behind marimeakes.com?

Hi, I am Mariela Meakes, a full time business owner, loving wife and mother of two amazing children. I created marimeakes.com to help others with my incredible life experiences, skills and my passion for family.

My expertise comes mainly from my own life experiences. I have learned through the years that an expert does not come straight out of university, an expert is molded with real life experiences.


In 2007, after graduating as a Geological Engineer and receiving my Master Degree on Petroleum Geophysics, I emigrated to Canada looking for a better and brighter future. In two years, I went from going to bed hungry to having a salary of over $100 000.00. “Everything is possible if you are intentional about your goals”

Brazil – 2009
Dubai – 2010
Canada – 2012

As an engineer and working for industry leading companies like Schlumberger and Baker Hughes, I got to travel the world, experience different cultures and live in extreme weather conditions. Life was exciting and adventurous, everything I wanted as a child. The high paying job was also giving me the opportunity to help my parents and siblings that are still living back in cuba.

Home Bulid

I owned 4 houses during the last 13 years which has given me extensive experience in house decor, building and renovation.

My first homes were budget friendly, where I always did the renovations by myself but in 2015, I built a $1.2 million house which gave me a perspective on a higher end building process.

I have lived in cities, suburbs and now I am enjoying the acreage lifestyle with my beautiful family.

Building, renovating and decorating a house is highly influenced by the weather, the culture and the location where the home is. Not all interior design trends or building standards translate across all regions, countries or climates.

From Engineering To Entrepreneurship

At the end of 2021, I realized that my job was keeping me away from my family for way too long and If I were to put all my hard-work and dedication toward my own business, I could considerably improve my work-life balance. I knew that my life struggles, experiences and skills can be very valuable to others but I needed to find a way to share them with people around the world.

After weeks of brainstorming about how to best utilize my expertise to create a new business that will help other families, my sister in-law suggested I should start Blogging. Blogging was never among my brainstorming ideas but my curiosity and passion for research led me to Adam Enfroy and his personal approach to Blogging Like A Start Up.

This is how marimeakes.com came to life at the beginning of 2022. Now, I am completely focused on building the authority of my site by creating valuable content for my audience and collaborating with other entrepreneurs.

I am very confident that once again, my perseverance and dedication will help me to become the go-to site for everything about home and the lifestyle around it.


Let me help you to make your home the perfect place for you and your family”